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Canva Premium – Great Tool to Create Content for Social Media 2021

Create Content for Social Media with Canva Premium

Canva makes it super easy for business to create graphic designs without being graphic artists. The template sizes are there for you, ready for any social media format for posts and for ads. That is an incredible time saver. No messing around with other imaging software to layout text on images, filters to create these. While more features are now under a pay wall, there is a considerable amount offered by Canva premium that you can use on your own and share with teams. That makes it easy to get updates/feedback on designs by adding people to your teams. Also, you can set a style guide which is available under the section Your Brand. Overall, Canva has put a lot of excellent effort into the tool.

Canva offers a quite a lot in the free version of the software, what I love most is the functionality wrapped in a beautiful web app. You can create images that are sized for different social media channels like Pinterest, Facebook Banners and posts, Twitter, Instagram. They have a very large selection of free templates you can choose from and customize. It’s easy to change text size, colors, position, and once you get used to the layout of various boxes/blocks (text, background, effects) you’ll see how much you can vary, from colors to transparency. I love that it’s easy to duplicate a design and create variations of the same template. So I had decided to upgrade into Canva Premium version. I bought  Canva Premium Lifetime single subscription from CanvaPro.Design Store.

You used to be able to create a graphic in a certain size, i.e., for Pinterest and then at top left select the Magic Resize option. That would let you take that graphic and have it resized for something completely different, like a Facebook banner ad. It was really excellent to have that included in the free version, and it’s a bummer to see it completely gone. I get it, companies need to make money. It would be nice to see it available to create at least one time something like three different sizes from one template to show how easy it is to use as a tool, and add to the incentive to purchase a subscription. If you’re creating a design and want to pull something in from a previous design you created, you can’t access those earlier designs unless you upgrade your account. It feels like it can get a bit slow, it’s a good idea to check how many Canva tabs you have open because each time you click on a new design, you open a new tab, which will consume your resources. Keep an eye on how many designs you’re working on as they’ll open new tabs which can consume resources.

Create Marketing content with Canva Pro
Create Marketing content with Canva Premium

Everyone is a designer with Canva Premium; A good designer

It is an exhaustive design tool and despite having almost every functionality present in it, the tool is not as heavy as other designing software. I repeat, Canva Premium is a BLESSING.
Canva is a blessing to every person who finds Photoshop too difficult to work with and to all those companies who don’t want to necessarily hire a graphic designer. So, I discovered Canva premium during my very 1st job when the only graphic designer in the staff would give me a tough time in sending across timely designs. I had to manage the social media pages and it was imperative for me to ensure, that graphics be prepared on time for me to post. That is when I started my search for a basic designing software that would fulfill making good looking post-worthy graphics. Given my requirement, Canva invariably surpassed the expectations since I never know you could get so much of functionality available FOR FREE. Quickly:
1) The Templates. Template size of almost each of the social media properties present in the digital space from Facebook, Twitter to Pinterest, Tumblr and more is available in Canva. You also get separate templates for cards, invitations, infographics and what not beside your custom dimensions. This means that all of our dimension woes are sorted.
2) Layouts with each template serve as a useful inspiration.
3) A large pool of FREE shapes, fonts, frames, grids, icons, lines, colours (including custom colours) to choose from. You can’t ask for more.
4) A lot of formatting can be applied to a photo itself – photo effects, photo position, option to flip the pic, crop pic, group pics & other elements together.
5) Option to download the design as PDF, PNG, JPG or ALL.
1) Lately, Canva premium has been working really slow on even a good speed internet. It has been working excellently only when the WiFi strength is at it’s peak. Despite this, Canva’s functionality far outdoes the slow working that too has only been happening recently.
2) The free photo bank is boring and repetitive. I feel the Team can add better pics as a part of free feature without giving away all the good pics which is a feature of the paid version.
3) 30 designs per template at a time. After you have created 30 designs using a template, you gotta create another design thread to use the same dimensions. I feel they can increase the limit. For a heavy Canva user, this only means that a lot of design threads of a single template will be created. This, in turn, will further make Canva’s functioning slow.
Canva Premium for Digital Content

Canva Premium for Digital Content

I LOVE CANVA!! Seriously, this has been the best experience with a product of this nature, I’ve kept a Canva Premium Lifetime subscription since my free trial ran out and I would not even second guess buying it year after year. I’ve reached out to their customer service and received prompt attention from an actual person and not a bot. I have also had Canva print products for me when I was having difficulty finding the right service provider. Hands down, this is great for the free uses that small digital content creators can use and super awesome for slightly larger producers like myself. Additionally, they offer an enterprise option for large businesses, so they have you covered everywhere. I especially like the weekly emails that are received giving tips and tricks to using the software as well as the Canva school for design that teaches you everything you need to know about digital content creation.

I have been using Canva Premium for over 2 years and have seen the huge leaps and bounds they have made with this software. It was small but functional at first and it has just grown so large that I lean on it for every single digital piece of content I publish. There are tons of features, elements and images that can be used. Templates for every project and they offer print services. All of which come at a very reasonable annual cost.

I chose Canva Premium because I can access it anywhere, it is user friendly, and it helps make my internet presence amazing!

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